Here in this little shop we proudly offer our Phlogistoncreme

For more information or to order in this shop an item just click at the below pictures of our creams or dental salt. For more questions please feel free to ask us via email at our page: “Contact Us” or direct: The shipment will be immediately from our pharmacy in our old love Kiel, Germany.

Kieler Förde bei Sonnenuntergang

Die Förde in Kiel at sunset

Within Europe the shipment should arrive within days, Asia or America will be at least 10 days. The last shipment was 2 weeks. Except the dental salt is shipped from Thailand and will stay at your customs some days.

To order please click on the Phlogistoncreme you want and put it or more into the shopping basket which is called here in German: “Warenkorb”. To finish you go with the cursor top right to the shopping bag and click checkout. Please fill in the shipping address and pay via bank transfer or PayPal.

Then we transmit your order to our pharmacy in Kiel and it will be shipped the same or after noon the next day with DHL to you with a tracking number for shipping within Germany. All other countries without the trackingnr. DHL just increased the costs.

Unser Lager der Phlogistoncreme für unseren Shop

Our storage in Kiel

The prices are included VAT but additive shipping which is within Germany 5 €, Austria/Switzerland 7 €, all other European countries 9 €, worldwide 12 €. But don´t forget our refund of the paid VAT if the shipping is outside EU like Switzerland or USA. Our tax number in Germany is: DE309 231 335. In case of commercial use the German fiscal authorities will accept our bill for your refund. After your order is complete we will delete your data according to the DSGVO.

There are no animal experiments with us! But Cindy also gets our Phlogistoncreme on inflammation and looks good.

Pitti und Thai Ridgeback Cindy

Cindy with a nice coat after Phlogiston cream

Your Phlogistoncreme team