Our Philosophy

The idea of the Phlogistoncreme was to apply the juices of the plants permanently to the skin. If the skin is wetted with the juices, they flow away quickly and they form only a thin layer. And in our case it is so, much helps a lot. Besides, in the household you also may have some Aloe Vera juice, but with the Mangosteen juice in this form, we are the only worldwide that can use it in cosmetics. So we need a paste-like substance, which lasts long with the juices on the skin. A good paste-like substance is our cream, also with a high proportion of 20% of the natural juices.

So we don´t need and like Cortisone or Silicone or other chemical stuff at all.

We took our time, sat down in the jungle and watched the nature handling wounds, fungus infections or also other diseases for individual survive.

We just copied the nature, mixed it all together in a skin cream and applied it to our skin. It works astonishing good, specially inflammatory skin diseases, like infections or inflammations without bugs, fungus, viruses. The last is e.g. Psoriasis, Neurodermatitis, Rosacea,  Seborrhoic Eczema, hemorrhoids, infections are Acne, Herpes Simplex, Warts,  fungus infections, Carbuncle etc.

Our combination of extracts from Aloe Vera, Mangosteen, Lavender oil, Vitamin E, Olive oil maintain the skin noticeably immediately, so that all irritation and redness also fade by the improved structure of the skin.

As I said before, our Phlogistoncreme helps better the more you apply on the irritated areas.

So we apply it thick like a paste on the irritated skin areas and do not rub it either. If the skin curses about their condition with irritation, redness, pain, itching, dandruff, then apply thickly, leave at least 20 minutes afterwards you can wipe it off.

Who We Are

We developed he first anti-itching natural cream worldwide. Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effect against acne, psoriasis etc. The Maveracream® brand was established in September 2008 with the aim to provide high-quality creams made from pure, natural ingredients without animal testing and without chemical active pharmaceutical ingredients to treat a variety of skin and hair conditions. Since 2016 Phlogistoncreme has become the successor of our Maveracream®.


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