Phlogistoncreme 30ml.


Phlogistoncreme 30ml.

Phlogistoncreme® – 3 Small tubes of Phlogistoncreme containing 10 ml. each


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Phlogistoncreme 30ml

The Phlogistoncreme 30ml is our newest product, first completed at 01.12.2016 by our German manufacturer bb med product GmbH, which, by the way, has above-average competent staff, in Kalkar, Germany. The special ingredients of our Phlogistoncreme such as Mangosteen and fermented Mangostan extract are still from Thailand. Aloe Vera from Malaysia. Mangosteen is a fruit popular in Southeast Asia, used in Asian natural medicine for millennia with the honorable nickname Queen of the fruits.  The description on Wikipedia is detailed.

The ancient cultures in Thailand

which I was allowed to get acquainted with in remote areas, use from the Mangostane not only the pulp, but for the external application the shell. We followed this knowledge, but found by our own experiments, when the peel oft he Mangosteen is fermented with lycheehoney from Samui, the taste is typical for good strong medicine. Externally applied to the skin, the taste confirmed itself with a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Germs such as bacteria, viruses and fungi have no chance against the shell, they are not active anymore. This effect can be observed well when the compostable kitchen waste such as potato dishes, banana, pineapple are thrown out of the kitchen window, are gone within hours. The Mangosteenpeel remains unimpressed weeks. Behind our kitchen window is of course not the balcony of the neighbor but the jungle.

The shipping

is from a lovable pharmacy team in Bavaria / Germany. The appropriate approvals like cosmetic registration, durability tests etc. are available. And the registration at the IFA, which is the prerequisite for the distribution in the European pharmacies. The recipe is improved by the higher proportion of the Mangosteenextract, Vitamin E, Lavender oil, compared to the original Maveracream. The other ingredients such as Aloe Vera and the fermented Mangosteenextract, Olive Oil are identical. This makes the color of the cream  more attractive, from earlier brown to today ‘s yellow – orange. The smell is fruity due to the higher Mangosteen content. The relaxing and noticeable rapid care effect is more pronounced so that the irritated skin relaxes quickly and also redness slowly fade with a long-lasting effect.

For the easier finding of our Phlogistoncreme in the shops the registration numbers are of advantage:
PZN (Pharmazentralnr.) 12724714 – PPN (Pharmacyproductnr.)  –  111272471446 – GTIN (Barcode)  –  04007944002547


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